Scenic spot in wulai

Wulai parking tower

A Taiwan-designed public parking tower in Wulai District, New Taipei City, won a U.S. website Architizer’s A-plus Awards for its innovative combination of cutting-edge technology with traditional aboriginal culture.

TEL:+886 2-2661-7637

Wulai Old Street

The Atayal Tribe are the main residents of Wulai, and their influence can be seen from the stone-paved roads and uniform shop signs that display a brand new charm on Old Street. Each shop is rich in aboriginal flavor, whether it is the delicious cuisine or handicrafts, each are unique.

TEL:+886 2-2661-6442

Wulai Atayal Museum

“Wulai Atayal Museum” is an architecture surrounded by rows of checkered-shape patterns that towers on Old Street.The museum contains the historical beginnings of the Atayal tribe, traditional humanities literature, lifestyle habits, religions and festival rituals.

TEL:+886 2-2661-8162

Wulai Tourist Tram

“Wulai Tourist Tram” was originally meant for mainly for the transportation of logs. Today, it has become one of Wulai’s tourist attractions. From LanshenConcreteBridge to the Wulai Waterfall, this 10-passenger tourist tram passes lush green trails and emerald valleys.

TEL:+886 2-2661-7826

Yunhsien Holiday Resort and Cable Car

The only way to enter the resort is by taking the cable car, thereby decreasing the chances of being disturbed by too many tourists.In order to let visitors gain a deeper understanding here,professional guides are on-site to provide detailed information regarding the vegetation and environment.

TEL:+886 2-2661-6383