Volando Suite

With absolute discreet space and independent entrance
Exclusive private swimming pool and rooftop outdoor balcony
The unobstructed design allows the guests to freely enjoy all indoor and outdoor space

Two adults / King Bed / Approximately 132.2 m²
Rack Rate NT$34,000 NT$36,000
Summer Season(Apr.~Sep.)
Weekday20% off NT$27,200 NT$28,800
Weekend10% off NT$30,600 NT$32,400
Winter Season(Oct.~Mar.)
Weekday15% off NT$28,900 NT$30,600
Weekend5% off NT$32,300 NT$34,200

Lake Suite

Large French windows introduce the boundless scenery of the lake into the guest room
The balcony extends to the lakeshore
When sleeping at night, the lake water seems to pamper your bed

Two adults / King Bed / Approximately 99.1 m²
Rack Rate NT$28,000 NT$30,000
Summer Season(Apr.~Sep.)
Weekday20% off NT$22,400 NT$24,000
Weekend10% off NT$25,200 NT$27,000
Winter Season(Oct.~Mar.)
Weekday15% off NT$23,800 NT$25,500
Weekend5% off NT$26,600 NT$28,500

Rooftop Suite

Private balcony which extends from inside the room to the outdoor
As dusk falls, enjoy a cup of tea on the deck chair in the company of the lake and the moon.

Two adults / King Bed / Approximately 59.5 m²
Rack Rate NT$19,000 NT$21,000
Summer Season(Apr.~Sep.)
Weekday20% off NT$15,200 NT$16,800
Weekend10% off NT$17,100 NT$18,900
Winter Season(Oct.~Mar.)
Weekday15% off NT$16,150 NT$17,850
Weekend5% off NT$18,050 NT$19,950

Grand View Room

Large windows bring you closer to the embrace of the outdoor nature
Immersed in the bathing pool with the prefect view in the guest room
Nature’s symphony resonates in the hot spring atmosphere

Two adults / King Bed / Hollywood Twin Bed / Approximately 46.3 m²
Rack Rate NT$17,000 NT$19,000
Summer Season(Apr.~Sep.)
Weekday20% off NT$13,600 NT$15,200
Weekend10% off NT$15,300 NT$17,100
Winter Season(Oct.~Mar.)
Weekday15% off NT$14,450 NT$16,150
Weekend5% off NT$16,150 NT$18,050

Superior Room

The aroma of natural plants permeates the air, light a night candle next to the bathing pool
Our guests will enjoy a tranquil sleep
Volando meticulously arranges ambiance, temperature, and the white, comfortable beds

Two adults / King Bed / Hollywood Twin Bed / Approximately 53 m²
Rack Rate NT$14,000 NT$16,000
Summer Season(Apr.~Sep.)
Weekday20% off NT$11,200 NT$12,800
Weekend10% off NT$12,600 NT$14,400
Winter Season(Oct.~Mar.)
Weekday15% off NT$11,900 NT$13,600
Weekend5% off NT$13,300 N $15,200