Q & A

All windows of the guest rooms and bathhouses are installed with fully reflective window film and curtains that contain 99% shades. Moreover, there are also signs written in Chinese, English and Japanese in the bathrooms of guest rooms to remind the guests for privacy related advices.
The chef will change the contents throughout the seasons. Basically, the late night meal includes four small dishes with one bowl of porridge and the welcome tea snack includes five desserts, tea and coffee.
The bathhouse suites and bathhouses offer essential supplies, including: body shampoo, shampoo, hair conditioner, facial cleanser, body lotion, and towel. There are also make-up remover and toner in the bathhouses. We suggest you to bring your own skin care products.
You can directly hand over your car to the valet parking attendants for valet parking.
All catering services are offered at the restaurant in consideration of the dining environment and quality. Food is not allowed in the hot spring.
All bathhouses are located inside with windows. There are two types: Grand View Bathhouse and Bathhouse Suite.
You may but the price is the same as for two people using the same bathhouse. In consideration of safety purposes, we will make phone calls to contact you every 20 to 30 minutes.