Miling’an Snake Pond features 360° Real-life Stage, Only in Volando 2019-10-03

Miling’an Snake Pond features 360° Real-life Stage, make a comeback to Volando!

Featuring the recipient of the Golden Melody Award “Resres”.
A voice from the far hidden mountains
A legend that passed down from the ancient heritage...

A Journey to the Myth of Ancient Taiwan...

★Run Every Wednesday
★Complementary ticket for hotel guests!
*Hotel vouchers or other special packages do not come with this promotional event. 

Reservation: +886 2-2661-6555
Miling’an Ghost Pond
A Journey to the Myth of Ancient Taiwan

Throughout history of all time, we praise a universal value - love

“Miling’an Snake Pond” is produced by the Artisct Director Hu Chien, featuring the recipient of the Golden Melody Award “Resres”.
Be stunned by a 40-minute performance especially designed for the irregular riverside area with its lush trees and waterfall.
Shaman Resres’s beautiful voice, together with a dance above the water, a cellist performing live, and a story-teller who weaves in and out of different settings and emotions, “Miling’an Snake Pond” devotes to pass the aboriginal cultural messages, at the same time convey a standard of universal affections by emphasizing the spirit of respecting the Gods, the joy and sorrow of life and death.
About Miling’an
Miling’an” means “telling a story” in the Taiwan Paiwan dialect. There are no written words in the Paiwan dialect. For thousands of years, the Paiwanese passed down history orally through “miling’an”
Miling’an Musical Theater was founded by Artistic Director, Hu Chien, and Chief Vocalist Resres Livulivuwan in 2010. Miling’an artfully integrates the ancient tunes and maintains the original charm of the songs; at the same time imbues the austere songs with some stage-worthy glamor, and fuses state-of-the-art technology with the rites and rituals of ancient indigenous culture. It is also critically acclaimed as one of the most prominent brands of musical theater in Taiwan.
In 2004, the Album “RS Legend” was released and was awarded the 15th Golden Melody for Best Traditional Music Singer. The following two albums, “Miling’an Resres Livulivuwan” and “A Beautiful Prediction” were both nominated for the Golden Melody for Best Aboriginal Album and Best Aboriginal Singer.
The devastatingly beautiful voice and stunning natural surroundings complete the musical theater by the riverside.                            Sisy’s World News
“With the live cello, Resres’s voice carries the weight of history and soul.”
Wang Wun-jing, CEO of Business Weekly
You really reach right down in there and grabbed all of my emotions.
Denise Keller, TLC Host