From 1st OCT, house guest (Morning Body Stretching Experience) Event is coming! 2019-11-10

As a healing resort, Volando Urai would like to dedicate a better vacation for you,
from 1st Oct our Dasha Spa therapist team has designed a customized and small class size different Morning Body Stretching Experience: (Tai-chi), (Yoga), (Resistance Ball).
Surrounding by the most beautiful, exotic spot in Urai, Volando is going to bring you a whole-new body relaxing experience. 

【Morning Body Stretching Experience】

Time: Sat、Sun、Mon,  7:45 am~8:30 (45 mins) 

Location: 1F Soyan Lakeside *At 6F VIP 1 Classroom when raining

Sign up: Please contact with Front Desk

Attention: The number of places is 6 for Yoga class, the other classes are 8, please kindly make reservation in advance.

Morning Class Schedule
Sun Mon Tue  
 Resistance Ball  Tai-chi X X  X  X  
 Sitting  Stand  X X  X X Laying
8 People 8 People X X X X 6 People