Conference Rooms

Breathe the fresh air of mountain forests
to drive the energy of creativity and intelligence.
Open that organic thinking in the fields of nature,
using Volando Breathing Style to empty oneself
with emergence of creativity.


Approximately 99.3 sq ft.
Screen Size:120inch
Maximum Capacity:55 persons (tables included), 70 persons (tables excluded)


Approximately 33.1 sq ft.
Screen Size:80inch
Maximum Capacity:20 persons (tables included), 25 persons (tables excluded)

Optional Value Added Class:Mind Gymnasium

“Silence” does not mean immobility while “slowness” does not mean slow.
We are energy bodies in the nature and the “Mind Gymnasium” leads you to understand the importance of how the body and mind operates through purifying breathing and body stretching, as well as a diversity of courses. We introduce the “awakening of awareness for slowness” into the flow of life to maintain the optimal status of the body energy.

Instructor:Rosan Siran (羅桑席讓) (Volandor Art Director)
Capacity per Course:maximum 30 persons/ per session
Course types:
1. Purified breathing, self –relaxation (conceptual lecture)
2. Disciplines for self-awareness (conceptual lecture)
3. Body extension and potential awakening (body stretching course)
1. Students are required to be in loose clothing for mobility.
2. Courses may be chosen according to your needs, and will be charged by each course.

Optional Value Added Class:Charging Station for the Body and Mind

Have you listened to your body and searched for the correct way to use it under the bustling life filled with stress? The course is designed for the body stretching, including a series of exercises and rhythmic movements for the shoulder, neck and stiff spine. Through the guidance for breathing and correct knowledge on the body structure, your body will be released from tension due to work stress, relieving the soar and aches by activating the cells.

Capacity per Course:Maximum 30 persons/ per session
Course Content:
1. Structural acquaintance: Muscles and Bones Knowledge (backbone, acromioclavicular joint, hip joint…etc. )
2. Shoulder and neck stretching motions: Feel how to maintain correct gestures and the correctly to use the muscles in order to stretch the body and reduce pains.
3. Foam-ball spine stretching exercise: using foam-ball to increase the motion for the different dimensions of the body through a sitting pose, achieving neutral spine and body flexibility.
4.Foam-ball motion exercise: using foam-ball to exercise the whole body through interesting and vital movements, focusing on the body coordination.

Notice:Students are required to be in loose clothing for mobility.