Soyan, meaning of “Joy & Happiness” in Atayal
As the soul of the hotel owner,
Let me lead you to the water corridor for the baptism of “Tranquility” and rinse the spirit.
Feel the transitory magnificence,
Get ready to enjoy the wonderful night banquet prepared for you.

Slow Food, Gustatory, Season, Fine Dining
Elegant atmosphere for enjoyment of purest fineness

Located among the mountains and waters hidden in the city, promoting the art of slow food, the restaurant is the fulfillment of natural living art.

Soyan combines Taiwanese local seasonal ingredients,
Demonstrating the French food art aesthetics with Taiwanese soul,
Allowing travelers to experience – know the taste, think about the taste, and savor the taste,
While also believing these gourmet cuisines and enthusiasm may rinse the uproars of the city.

Persist in the vision of Relais & Chateaux and the spirit of Volando,
Return to the mountain woods and natural food art feast.
Enjoy the gloominess amongst the mountain woods,
With the ideal combination of gourmet cuisines with magnificent sceneries,
We invite you to savor the passion in the plates, to sense the gentle touch resembling a pool of spring-water.

Rack Rate:
  Time Rack Rate
Afternoon Tea Set 14:30~17:00 NT$580
Dinner Set 18:00~22:30 NT$2,500
  1. All prices are subject to 10% service charge
  2. The dishes are subject to seasonal ingredients.


Siliq, originated from the magical bird of the Atayal Tribe, leading you to search for the flavors, to feel the indigenous sentiments amongst the natural beauty of lakes and mountains.

The taste of food originates from the pure fineness of the nature of the ingredients, conveying magnificent sceneries at the dining table.

Keeping the ancient soul while renovating the taste buds; Volando specially invited a famous chef from Austria - Franz, who is renowned for macrobiotic cuisines, to completely present Italian-style dishes.
At the same time, offering customized cooking based on the body’s needs after soaking in hot springs, where layers of attention are concealed within the simple and unsophisticated flavors and arrangement.

A pool of jadeite-green hot spring,
A tempo of slow-flowing spring-water,
A feast that rinses the spirit,
Start a wonderful journey with the taste buds~

Buon appetito!
Volando welcomes you!

Rack Rate:
  Time Rack Rate
Afternoon Tea Set 14:30-17:00 NT$360
Lunch Set 11:30-14:30 NT$780 up
Dinner Set 18:00-22:30 NT$780 up
  1. All prices are subject to 10% service charge
  2. The dishes are subject to seasonal ingredients.
  3. Minimum Charge NT$280 up