Zong-Ling Wu

Zong-Ling Wu (吳宗霖)

When guests walk into Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort, the first thing they see upon entrance is the “Summer Lotus Copper” created by Zong-Ling Wu. Wu is filled with surging power of creativity, who outlines the natural beings, images and spirits through copper. He recalls the emotions of aboriginal culture by carving the “Eye of Ancestor Ghost,” which infuses the Zen of universe and builds the “great harmony” of content harmony. The work transpires that readily available casualness and peace that correspond with the mountain and forests, signifying the vitality of sentiment. The copper sculpture artist lives in Urai forest, fulfilling the saying posted in his workshop, “Use copper as mirror for resolution and plays gong as music for tranquility.” He carves his dreams and finds harmonious rhythm in creativity, responding to the natural movement of waves. The gradual and melodious strong sounds continue to wake the sleeping mind and restore the primitive peace of the pool…